Blog Post Numero Uno

Steve, you can write your content directly in here, or you can copy and paste from a document.  


Inserting an image inserts the image along with a place to write about it.  I'm still trying to learn about image layouts.  We can also embed a link that takes the reader to ASF so they can buy it

“Steve Wrubel is one of the coolest people to work for and with.”
— Jennifer Mann

It is important to add tags and categories to each blog post.  A tag would be used to describe what is in the post, i.e. cactus, succulents, horses.  A category is used to describe what that overall blog falls in to: fine art, behind the scenes, products, services.  We can delete, rename and merge tags and categories as we go along.  The categories and tags will also help us create navigation bars and groupings as we add more blogs so that all the cactus related posts can be shown as related when the user opens up this blog.

You can disable/enable comments, allow people to comment as long as the blog post is up, or set a specific date when commenting closes.

Another feature of the blog is to have it automatically push to your social media accounts. We can turn this on/off as we desire.